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Yvonne Jamel – Bochra Masrour Laouani

A wonderful matching Impressions of Bouchra: “Congratulations, you have been selected to join Ouissal’s program for the years 2019-2020”. To my joy, I got so...

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Vanessa Sonntag – Ichraf Jarray

Do it with Love & Do it Wisely! I am lucky enough to be passionate about my work and make my dream come true. Thus, my vision is to create a space gathering talents in my...

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Tanja Hartwig – Asma Gatri

On The Right Path! Asma Gatri, the founder of African Environment Consulting “A.E.C” based in the governorate of Kef (Tunisia), is a young Tunisian...

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Nora Legittimo – Ines Hafi

The Interview Why did you join the mentoring program Ouissal? Nora: I am impressed by the entrepreneurial mindset of Ynes and her co-founders. They are eager to get better,...

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Laura Lazar – Zeineb Mezghanni

Mentoring builds strong bridges After a few years of working in the family business, Zeineb decided to found 2019 Polysoft & Co – her own start-up specialized in sales...

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Korinna Steffen – Ines Cheniour

The perfect match Ines: After 4 years of entrepreneurship, I have reached a level where some answers became hard to answer: how can I develop my business? How can I respect...

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Isabell Johann – Hayet Romdhani

Business, friendship & more! Hayat Romdhani, a passionate Tunisian entrepreneur from Kairouan. A UNESCO World Heritage site, located in the center east of the country, where...

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