Ali Rajat Ali Rajat February 5, 2024

Kick-Off Meeting | Jordan

Event Date:
Start at 8:00 PM
February 5, 2024 - February 9, 2024
Amman, Jordan

Bringing together a remarkable group of female leaders from Jordan, Germany, Lebanon, and Palestine, our fifth and final kickoff delegation took place in Amman, and was a testament to the power of cross-cultural business collaboration. With a total of 18 dynamic participants, each representing a unique blend of talents and perspectives, we delved into workshops, networking sessions, and 1-on-1 exchanges to help each other achieve our professional goals.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the German Ambassador to Jordan, H.E. Dr. Bertram von Moltke for extending a warm welcome and engaging in insightful conversations during the networking dinner hosted by the EMA. Additionally, our sincere gratitude extends to His Excellency Dr. Hazim Elnaser, Dr. Lorenz Petersen, Kordula Mehlhart, Joerg Dehnert, Stefan Erber, and numerous other EMA partners who graced the evening with their presence, fostering valuable connections with the delegation.

Looking back, we’ve had five successful business delegations in Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, and Jordan. These meetings took place between October 2023 and February 2024, involving more than 100 women in leadership from 10 countries, who will continuously collaborate throughout 2024! 

A big shout out to Clara Gruitrooy, the driving force behind Ouissal, who led the workshops together with Daniela Greiffendorf. Last but not the least, heartfelt appreciation to the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Agentur für Wirtschaft und Entwicklung for their invaluable support