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!!! Application deadline was 07/31/2023 and we are no longer accepting applications. Except: Mentees from Algeria and Germany !!!

By filling out this form, you not only describe who you are and what makes you special, but also explain the reason why you want to participate in the Ouissal program as a mentee, to be mentored by an experienced entrepreneur. In addition to this form, your CV and two recommendations must also be submitted. Please have the CV ready as a PDF file.

Application form:

  • You will need about 20 minutes.
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  • Our recommendation: For an overview, please look at the entire questions in this word document before filling out the application form.
  • We prefer you fill out the application form on the website.
  • In exceptional case, you may send this Word form to In that case, please make sure you will receive a confirmation of receipt by our team until the application deadline.

Additional Notes:

  • Ouissal is a mentoring program, not a coaching program. All participating mentors in this program are women from the business world who share their wealth of knowledge and experience with the mentees on a voluntary basis.
  • Ouissal does not aim to create entry opportunities in new markets, does not serve as an internship or job exchange or as a platform for commercial partnerships.
  • The costs for the entire program are covered (e.g. travel expenses, meals, accommodation), your only investment is time and openness to go above and beyond with each other.

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You will need approximately 20 mins to fill out the application form.

Before filling out your form, please don’t forget to read the selection criteria.

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Do you already have sufficient financial resources to manage your company adequately? If yes, is the financial support a government or private grant?*
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Goals through Ouissal

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The Selection Process


Find out more about the ideal Mentor candidate.


Find out more about the ideal Mentee candidate.