Vanessa Sonntag – Ichraf Jarray

Do it with Love & Do it Wisely!

I am lucky enough to be passionate about my work and make my dream come true. Thus, my vision is to create a space gathering talents in my country, to build a solid community of entrepreneurs and project initiators, a place where they get inspired by each other’s experiences and increase their expertise. I believe that our country needs its conscious citizens in order to develop. Here comes the idea of the coworking space to put the success of our community in its core business. I am very dedicated to supporting them to start, grow, and scale into sustainable enterprises. Alone we can improve the quality of our life but together we can take it to the next level.

As a founder of Hive12, I’m working on developing a valuable network of partners. Needless to say, I ensure the good management of my community (team, coworkers, entrepreneurs …) as I am overseeing the workflow of all our events and training. In addition, I ensure the design of effective marketing strategies, expansion, and growth. 

Vanessa Sonntag - Ichraf Jarray - Ouissal
Vanessa Sonntag - Ichraf Jarray - Ouissal

Hive12 Coworking space is a space where multiple individuals and businesses share a common infrastructure. Indeed, it’s the right place where you meet new people, make beneficial relationships, and find experts who can advise you and support you without any hesitation.

Moreover, we provide training and other programs and activities to entrepreneurs focusing on strategic, operational and commercial excellence: More than 90 training and events, including hosting the international global startup community program in the world startup grind, mentoring 90 project initiators in collaboration with the international ONG Mercy Corps. Furthermore, we had successfully integrated kids from SOS village in our region into professional life by inviting them to participate in various workshops animated by some members of our community…

What a wonderful vision and excellent leadership: Ichraf and Hive12 have really impressed me!

When I became part of Ouissal’s mentoring team end of 2019 I did not foresee what I was to experience. I had applied because I wanted to use my expertise as an entrepreneur and as a corporate manager to grow the bonds of European and Arabian countries and to support women in pursuing their careers and build their businesses. I was also interested to extend my intercultural competencies to a region that I had so far just known from vacation but not from a professional point of view.

In the upcoming weeks, I did not only get to know Tunisia, its political and economical landscape but even more important I met wonderful women from both Tunisia and Germany.
Already on our flight to Tunis, most of the German mentors had the chance to connect and almost immediately shared great discussions – and this was just the start of what would become an inspiring professional network.
When we first got to meet the Tunisian entrepreneurs I was proud and overwhelmed at the same time – so many women with ideas and the power to make a positive impact on Tunisia’s business and society.

And I was very excited: how would the couples be matched?

Vanessa Sonntag - Ichraf Jarray - Ouissal

The matching was done in the best possible way – I think Clara must have a sixth sense on how to set up successful partnerships. Ichraf and I had a very close connection right from the start, we truly enjoy working with each other and sharing ideas even beyond the business part.
Our motto is: “Do it with love and do it wisely!” and the positive energy that we share is amazing. Ichraf is one of the most powerful, creative, caring, passionate, and energetic women I know. She has already grown Hive12 to an impressive business and community and I believe she will extend her impact far beyond Sousse. I would not be surprised to see her successfully conquer the international top-10 of female entrepreneurs one day.
We have been working together remotely for the past months and I am really looking forward to meeting in person again – and that goes for the whole network of Ouisall mentors and mentees!

I’m very grateful that EMA and BMZ provide us the opportunity to be part of Ouissal and I’d like to thank Clara and Asma for putting so much dedication and expertise into the program as well as all the mentors and mentees who contribute to our network and have inspired me in so many ways.