Tanja Hartwig – Asma Gatri

On The Right Path!

Asma Gatri, the founder of African Environment Consulting “A.E.C” based in the governorate of Kef (Tunisia), is a young Tunisian entrepreneur who graduated with a license in environmental protection specialty Treatment and recovery of waste and responsible for ISO 14001 implementation.

A.E.C’s mission is the development of environmental studies, hazard studies, implementation of the environmental management system. It has two representatives in Cameroon and Burkina Faso, among the activities there is also support for sub-Saharan entrepreneurs.

The objective of her participation in Ouissal was to obtain help in managing her office (ex: negotiation, leadership). 

Tanja Hartwig - Asma Gatri - Ouissal

The monitoring period is divided into 2 periods; the one before COVID-19 which Tanja (Mentor & founder of Effektive Kundenbetreuung) helped Asma achieve its objective of “increasing turnover” thanks to the new negotiation techniques that have been acquired.

And the second period of COVID-19; during this period Tanja had supported Asma a lot, the two women became closer and closer because they shared feelings, there was brainstorming, even if there is a distance between them, but each one tries to be there for the other one, it’s female solidarity, during this period Tanja helped Asma to better understand managing her office in crisis situations and to understand that it is necessary to separate personal feelings and important decisions. Thanks to Tanja Asma understood that sometimes we are forced to make decisions that will leave us feeling bad.

Tanja Hartwig - Asma Gatri - Ouissal