Laura Lazar – Zeineb Mezghanni

Mentoring builds strong bridges

After a few years of working in the family business, Zeineb decided to found 2019 Polysoft & Co – her own start-up specialized in sales management software development. She gave birth to this new project out of her passion to create a professional environment with the potential to grow internationally.

For her, being part of the Ouissal program is a great experience. At the beginning of the program, her company had completed the first stage of building up the needed infrastructure and experiences with first clients and employees. The focus of her work with her mentor Laura was on scaling up the business for future growth. The first common activity within the Ouissal program was to create a transparent overview of the business numbers – including revenue, operational costs, gain before tax, and investments. The next step was to work on the marketing strategy. First business posts on social media have been generated. It was the time the global Corona crisis started and businesses were on hold due to the big uncertainties. It was the time when the relationship mentor-mentee moved to another level – getting very personal and exchanging experiences around how to manage life in a time of crisis. As life gets back to normality, they will continue to work together in order to reach the planned goals.