Ouissal 2015

Heidrun Twesten & Fatima Zahra Amiri

A Story of Sharing! 

Fatima’s heartfelt WHY is to share the authentic beauty of her local region – so that all people involved can profit from a great experience! To do so, she nourishes people in many ways: her son with lots of love, employees of the businesses surrounding her restaurant, and larger gatherings with great food. On top of that, she designs experiences in the areas of food, travel, and leisure for tourists, especially business travelers. During the Covid-19 crisis, she set up a program to support girls at a local orphanage – and gave two of them the chance to start their work-life at her firm. Fatima offers a warm and personal experience for all her stakeholders by putting her heart into everything she does!

As an entrepreneur, management consultant, and startup advisor, Heidrun supports female founders in the German-Arabic mentoring program Ouissal to help them realize their dreams. She supports them with business planning, ideation, value story development, coaching, and networking. „For us, Ouissal did a really great matching job! We just hit it off together from the start as we share the same values of enjoying life, doing what’s necessary, and supporting others. We both enjoy every one of our weekly calls, spinning new ideas, exchanging stories, and having fun together. It really is a win-win situation for us!“