Ouissal 2015

Application Mentee


By completing this form you will not only describe who you are and what distinguishes you, but you will also explain why you want to participate within Ouissal as a mentee in order to be accompanied by an experienced bussnisswoman. In addition to this formular, your Curriculum Vitae and 2 personal references must be submitted. Also, do not hesitate to upload a small film about yourself and your company to fully present all your arguments and qualities (flyers, PowerPoint presentations or other marketable material up to 100MB can be uploaded).



To participate in Ouissal you must ... :

  • be a managing director of your own company

  • already sufficiently secured the basic financing of your company (e.g. have already received external financing grants)

  • have very good knowledge in English or French

  • be willing to invest about 2 hours per week for the tandem work and communicate regularly with the partner throughout the mentoring program (tailoring the intensity and frequency to the individual needs of the tandem and adjusting weekly agendas)

  • be willing to participate within the obligatory kick-off meeting (either in Morocco: 8.-13. December 2019, or in Tunisia: 19.-24.January 2020) and at the German-Arab Women's Forum in Berlin (autumn 2020)

Further Remarks: 

  • Ouissal is a mentoring program, not a coaching one. All participating mentors of this program are women from the economy world, who want to share their knowledge and experience voluntarily with the mentees.
  • Ouissal does not aim to create an entry into new markets, nor does it serve as a platform for internships or jobs exchange, nor for commercial partnerships. The goal of Ouissal is to connect businesswomen in the context of a common learning process and intercultural exchange.
  • The costs for the whole program are covered (e.g. travel costs, meals, accommodation, workshops and supporting program).
All boxes with * have to be filled. Otherwice the form cannot be submitted.

Personal information and contact details

Languages (written & oral)

For the communication in the mentoring tandem a common oral as well as written working language at a high level is necessary. Therefore, please indicate your language level for the following languages:*

[The numbers listed correspond to the following meanings: (1) insufficient, (2) sufficient, (3) good, (4) very good]


Your company

Your activities

[Please select at least three soft and hard skills.]

Further details

The Ouissal team reserves the right to contact these two people in order to receive more information about you.

Participation obligations

Privacy policy

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