Ouissal 2015


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Korinna & Ines: The perfect match

In this report, Ines, founder of COMMIT a consulting firm in design thinking and communication strategy, & her mentor Korinna, founder and managing partner of VisionAktion GmbH, a behavioral trainer and a professional coach, are sharing with you their expectations, their mentoring experience with Ouissal, and how their mentoring relationship has developed to become a long-lasting friendship!  Weiterlesen

Isabell & Hayat: Business, friendship & more!

Hayat Romdhani, a passionate Tunisian entrepreneur from Kairouan, located in the center east of the country, where I founded « ACADEMIE KAIROUAN » in 2014. In spite of the challenges and the difficulties experienced, the academy has been able to bring in added value not only in Kairouan but also in Tunisia. Despite its location, the vocational training, and the language courses we offer, my project has reached a very considerable stage in the field of vocational training. Weiterlesen

Webinar: How to network effectively - tricks to make connections that pay off

"Networking is an investment in your business. It takes time and when done correctly can yield great results for years to come." (D. Helbig) Because we believe that Networking is an important part of our lives and our businesses, we had the pleasure to organize a webinar on "How to network effectively - tricks to make connections that pay off" hosted by our great mentor & expert Tanja-Susanne Schleifer. How to network? What can we achieve with networking? How much time do we need to #invest? and more questions were discussed with the #Ouissal participants of the 2019/20 edition. Thank you, Tanja-Susanne Schleifer for the very informative & helpful webinar & a big thanks to all the participants for their dedication!

Yvonne & Bouchra: A wonderful matching!

Bouchra Laouani Masrour, known as the Morrocan businesswoman in Tunisia, is the founder of Bahia Cosmetic brand specialized in the extraction of vegetal oils and the manufacture of natural & organic personal hygiene products. Thanks to Ouissal’s precise selection, she got matched with a wonderful lady: Yvonne Jamal. Yvonne is the chairwoman of the JARO Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization based in Berlin. Weiterlesen


Dr. Hanane & Nadine: Passion for Perfection

Die Tandempartner Nadine Nembach und Dr. Hanane Akram bauten vom ersten Treffen an eine starke Basis für ihre Kommunikation auf, die es ihnen ermöglichte, in allen Synergien zusammenzuarbeiten. Dank ihres Coachings und ihrer ausgeprägten Mentoring-Fähigkeiten konnte Nadine Nembach VITAESSENCES bei der Organisation des Aktionsplans und... Weiterlesen


Ynes & Nora: The Interview

Nora feels proud to accompany Ynes thanks to the Ouissal program and thanks her for her openness and bravery. It is an honor to receive her trust, get a deeper understanding of the challenges of a Tunisian e-government start-up, and help based on her own experience as a manager in a technological environment. Weiterlesen

Training: Boosting B2B sales through Social Media

In these difficult times, running & growing businesses should not be handled as usual anymore and B2B sales are being more digitalized than ever, we had the pleasure to offer our Ouissal participants of the Edition 2019/20 a full certified training on "Boosting B2B sales through Social Media"  with the Egyptian expert in Online Marketing & Communication Fedy Ramzy. The 3 days training was held online from the 4th until the 6th of August 2020.

Ichraf & Vanessa: Do it with Love & Do it Wisely!

I am lucky enough to be passionate about my work and make my dream come true. Thus, my vision is to create a space gathering talents in my country, to build a solid community of entrepreneurs and project initiators, a place where they get inspired from each other's experiences and increase their expertise. I believe that our country needs its conscious citizens in order to develop. Here comes the idea of the coworking space to put the success of our community in its core business. Weiterlesen


Amal & Pamela: Building stable and reliable bridges between Europe and Africa

« Building stable and reliable bridges between Europe and Africa » C'est la devise du tandem Amal Barrit et Pamela Stenzel. Pour l'une comme pour l'autre, le lien entre les cultures et les personnes d'origines différentes est une partie essentielle de leur vie professionnelle et personnelle. Weiterlesen

Intermediairy Meeting with German Mentors & Mentees

In a world where borders have been closed overnight, Ouissal persists in working hard to bring professionals together by hosting yet another intermediary meeting between the German mentees and the mentors assigned to them, in order to discuss the different challenges they are facing. The discussion was very enriching and tackled topics ranging between Change management, leadership in times of crises, and economic growth in a single network. Thank you all for being part of the Ouissal family!

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